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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother!

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I am not a fan of the Big Brother television show, or of any of the other, so-called, 'reality shows'. However, as I listened to the Sunday programme on BBC Radio 4, this morning, I was impressed with the interview of Stephen Baldwin - actor and, according the information given in the interview, about-to-be producer - who took part in Celebrity Big Brother.

Some of the information that Mr Baldwin shared about his experience has certainly put me off appearing (as if I am ever likely to be invited!!). Temperature raised to a very high level during the night, so that inmates (?) awoke to find themselves drenched with perspiration; all of the food being removed from 'the house' for a period; no hot water for up to 24 hours - these are not my idea of a pleasurable experience!

However, what made Stephen Baldwin different was that, since inmates are apparently not allowed to bring a book with them, but are permitted one 'luxury item', he chose as his luxury a copy of the Bible! He was, I have discovered, converted (saved/born again) after the atrocity of 9/11. And, as it should do for all who have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus, this affected his whole life. He is even paying a price as, apparently, some producers and casting directors have told him that there are those who don't want to work with him because of the outspokenness of his faith.

More positively, his appearance on CBB led to some interesting situations - casue for rejoicing for those of us who, likewise, love the Lord. The actress, Stephanie Beacham, was reading the Bible with him, and one of the other inmates, Alex Reid, made a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus, during the programme.

Of course, one does not have to be a film star, and appear on CBB, in order to share one's Christian faith. Jesus made an unequivocal statement when He said to His disciples (now, as much as then!) "You shall be my witnesses ..." (Acts 1:8). This has been misunderstood, by some, as an instruction to be a Billy Graham, or a Luis Palau - evangelising the world from platforms and pulpits, in large auditoria, or sports arenas. That, however, is a specific gifting of God the Son, for His Church. (Eph.4:11). Being a witness is something that we are - either good ones, or bad ones! As I shared, this morning and afternoon, in Calderhead Erskine Parish Church: Shotts and Allanton, we are saved for both holy living, and sharing of the Gospel. For most of us however, its the different lifestyle; the different priorities; the different attitudes; that lead others to ask the questions that afford us the opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel in a more direct way. As Francis of Assisi put it: "Preach the Gospel at all times and, when necessary, use words."

I trust that Stephen Baldwin will be greatly used, and encouraged, in his walk as a disciple of Jesus. But Jesus needs more than the celebrity few. He needs you, and He needs me, to ensure that the Gospel is proclaimed "... to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8). May any ability we might have be exceeded by our availability in His service.


CannuckCol said...

"...The actress, Stephanie Beacham, was reading the Bible with him, and one of the other inmates, Alex Reid, made a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus, during the programme."

I wonder was that part shown on the televised episodes? Probably NOT, but would have been a great witness if it had.

Brian Ross said...

As I said, I neither watched, nor watch. However, I have discovered that YouTube is a great resource. Check out

Haven't been able to find anything on Alex Reid - but that would be TOO personal for general viewing, and would have left both men open to a charge of publicity seeking. This clip of S.B. has what J.B.Phillips would have referred to as "the ring of truth".