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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Letter published!

After sending the following, last night, my letter (see below) was published in today's Herald newspaper.

Dear Sir,

It was with some dismay - and disappointment - that I read in today's Herald, a letter from Janet Cunningham of Stirling supporting, from a claimed "'veteran' Christian" perspective (although the very term 'Christian' has been sadly devalued over the past decades, so that one is not always certain what an individual means by it!) the production currently available at Glasgow's Tron Theatre, and claiming thatJesus would have approved of it. Is there some form of bias in The Herald that it publishes such a letter, whilst not having published my own of Wednesday - or any other taking the opposite point of view? In the interest of common fairness, I would urge you to now publish my own letter (with a suitable explanation for its tardy appearance) or, at least another one that makes the same points - and that doesn't make the sweeping statement (on a basis that seems to depend more on Ms Cunningham's perceived "new theology" than on any Biblical position that I can recognise) that the Lord Jesus would not have objected to being portrayed as a transexual, and that doesn't believe that the producer should be congratulated.

For your benefit, I append a copy of my earlier letter.

Yours faithfully,

I have acknowledged same, and expressed my thanks. Another letter objecting to the production was also published, together with one rather 'neutral' one.

1 comment:

CannuckCol said...

Sometimes it takes you to be a tad 'pushy' when stating your point of view. If only ONE letter is sent they (the editorial staff) may just disregard it, but when a second is received from the same person they may not want any more and reluctantly publish it.