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Friday, 24 March 2017

Terrorist attack in London.

At the outbreak of the Second World War there were around 80,000 potential enemy aliens in Britain who, it was feared, could be spies, or willing to assist Britain's enemies in the event of an invasion. All Germans and Austrians over the age of 16 were called before special tribunals and were divided into one of three groups:
  • 'A' - high security risks, numbering just under 600, who were immediately interned;
  • 'B' - 'doubtful cases', numbering around 6,500, who were supervised and subject to restrictions;
  • 'C' - 'no security risk', numbering around 64,000, who were left at liberty. More than 55,000 of category 'C' were recognised as refugees from Nazi oppression. The vast majority of these were Jewish.
As the war continued, more and more Germans and Austrians were rounded up. When, in June 1940, Italy and Britain went to war, there were at least 19,000 Italians in Britain, and Churchill ordered that they all be rounded up. This was despite the fact that most of them had lived in Britain for decades.

In 1971, the UK government introduced internment of terrorist suspects in Northern Ireland. Although it could be, and has been, argued that this may not have been the wisest course of action in the particular circumstances, it does show what can be achieved if there is the political will to achieve it!

In the light of the murderous attack at Westminster on Wednesday, may I suggest - as many others have done - that it is time for the calling before similar tribunals, of all Muslim males over the age of 12 (radicalisation takes place long before 16!), and the internment of all who are deemed to be high security risks - and even the "doubtful" cases? I am fully aware that not every Muslim living in the UK is a jihadist. However, I am also aware that jihadists do not go around displaying a lapel badge to identify themselves. 

Regretfully, we do not currently have a Churchill in 10 Downing Street. Instead, we have a woman who was, in the opinion of many, a totally useless Home Secretary - who reduced the number of police officers in England, Wales, and N.Ireland - and is now revealing herself to be a useless Prime Minister!

Jesus said, "... he that is not against us is for us." (Mark.9:39-40), and it is perhaps time that the British government threw out the so-called "Human Rights Act" - that, in terms of truly basic human rights, is not really necessary in the UK - so that effective measures may be taken against all who seek to destroy the peace that should be expected in an allegedly democratic nation during peacetime.

The numbers involved are, of course, higher than in the Second World War - but women and younger children would be excluded (unless there was reasonable cause to intern some females who appear to be happy to support jihadists). However it is reckoned that over 70% of "refugees" are young men of fighting age, and we know, from the evidence of our own eyes, that the vast majority of the "children" who have been accepted into the UK are in their late teens, and twenties. 

As we mourn the deaths that occurred on Wednesday, and those that have taken place since, but as a direct result of Wednesday's events; and as we express our genuine concern for those who have been injured - with some of them still on the critical list; may those who have accepted the responsibility of governing us, be willing to take positive, effective, action that will , if not guarantee, at least increase, the safety of the general public, and of the members of the emergency services who, yet again, showed their true calibre in the selfless assistance that they rendered to others in the immediate aftermath of that Islamist terrorist attack. 

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