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Saturday, 4 June 2016

BREXIT, or Remain? - that is the question!

With less than three weeks to go to what is arguably the biggest, most important, and most far-reaching, political decision for this generation, I want to share some thoughts on why I will be voting for the UK to LEAVE the discredited, disingenuous, dictatorial EU.  I claim no originality in anything that I post over the next couple of weeks, but wish to disseminate as much information as I can to as many people as possible.

Let's look, for example, at the economic arguments that have been produced by the Prime Minister and the Remainers. 

In the area of trade, they say 44% of the UK's exports go to the EU but the EU only exports 8% to the UK.  This, if one fails to examine the matter more closely, looks like a good reason to stay in the Euroclub.  However, one CANNOT honestly compare the 44% with the 8% because they are, in fact, completely different measures.

Indeed, the figure of 8% is actually 16%. If you want to look at what the EU (as a whole, all 27 other countries) exports to the UK, then you need to exclude the UK from the figures - obviously, because we can't export to ourselves!! The Remainers, through the tax-payer funded government pamphlet, has included the UK in the total EU export figures, thus arriving at a meaningless figure. If we exclude UK exports, then the other 27 countries have, as a whole 16%, of their exports coming to the UK - twice as much as the pro-EU government would have us believe!

Of course, 44% is still a much larger figure than even 16%.  This is where the Remainers' figures are even more disingenuous! The figures are shown as percentages. However, one figure is a percentage of only the UK's trade, whereas the other is a percentage of the whole of the EU's trade. This renders the comparison completely meaningless - one country being compared with 27 countries!

A concrete example may help to clarify the situation.  The 44% of UK exports that went to the EU in 2012 were worth £266b.  However, the 16% of the EU's trade coming to the UK was £296b.  In other words, the rest of the EU exported more to the UK than the UK exported to the whole of the EU!

Over the past ten years, on average, only three EU countries have exported less to the UK than we have to them (Ireland, Luxembourg & Malta). So the other twenty-four countries will most definitely want to continue trading with the UK, simply because we buy more from them!!   Of course, it is also worth noting that the three that don't fall into that category are hardly the world's largest economies!

Another way of looking at this is that the UK has 3 million jobs involved with our exports to the EU, but the rest of the EU has 5 million jobs involved with exporting to the UK. See how stacked in the UK's favour it is?

It is quite astonishing that a major political party would manipulate figures in the way the Conservative government members who are supporters of the EU have done. The clear aim has been to mislead anyone who does not understand figures and percentages.  The people who have most to gain from being a part of an increasingly authoritarian EU, are the Political, Financial and Media moguls. They have everything to gain (cheap labour). They would love to turn the clock back and drive the working people of this country back to Victorian times. To vote to stay in one would, in my opinion, have to be either insane, or deluded!

Vote LEAVE - it's the sensible, and patriotic, thing to do. 

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