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Friday, 10 June 2016

BREXIT - or remain? Immigration.

I was unable to watch all of last evening's Newsnight programme on BBC television, but I managed to watch some, and have read a number of comments since.  It was, as is not uncommon at the present time, a disgrace.  The "I'm not sure what I identify as", allegedly comedian, Eddie Izzard appeared in the most bizarre outfit - looking, as others have pointed out, like Vera Duckworth from Coronation Street! However, it appeared that he was there for the prime purpose of interrupting, and shouting over, Nigel Farage, beside whom the "unbiased" (believe that if you will!) BBC had seated him/her/it.  Mr Dumbleby was, as usual, about as useful as the proverbial chocolate tea-pot as far as keeping order was concerned!

The major bone of contention between them was on the subject of immigration, and the way in which the UK being a member of the EU has effected it.  Nigel Farage claimed - and he is rarely, if ever, wrong in such claims (unlike Izzard, and most of the "Remain" politicians, he does his homework!) - that some 70% of the UK population want tighter controls on immigration.  So what are the relevant facts on that topic?

1. The EU is being flooded with immigrants - especially since Angela Merkel kindly opened the door to all and sundry!  Now please don't make the mistake, that Izzard and others make, of assuming that the Brexit supporters are totally opposed to any immigration at all.  What is demanded is controlled immigration, which is a totally different kettle of fish.

2. It is estimated that some 5,000 ( a conservative figure!) of those who have entered the EU since the Merkel invitation, are members of ISIS.  One does not require an IQ of 160+ to work out why they are taking advantage of this lovely "open doors" policy!

3. Members of other EU states are flooding the UK, claiming millions of pounds in benefits - and even having Child Benefit Allowance sent to their native countries with, as far as I am aware, not even an attempt to check as to whether, or not, those children even exist.

4. Immigrants from EU countries (yes, I know that non-EU immigrants are part of this problem as well, but that is a separate issue - although one that would also be able to be dealt with more easily if we were, once again, an independent sovereign nation) are already putting enormous pressure on public services: NHS; schools; social housing; transport; etc

5. If (or ought that to be "When"?) Turkey is offered visa-free travel within the EU as part of its move towards full membership, another 78 million potential immigrants who would have to be accepted under EU rules.  Even if a mere 1% were to travel, that is still approximately 780,000!  By the way, no-one expects that the percentage will be anything lie as low as 1%!

Those are just five immigration-related reasons to vote LEAVE on June 23rd.  There are, undoubtedly, others.  However, in my opinion, those five are more than sufficient!

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