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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Ode to a Scottish summer!

We arrived back in France (despite all of the current disruption!) on Friday evening.  We left weather conditions that were cold, wet, and windy.  By the time we arrived at the static, we were able to enjoy warmth, sunshine,and calm, fine weather!  My little mind went into poetic overdraft so, with apologies to the poet Robert Browning, and to all who are unable to understand the words, here is my little 
Ode to a Scottish summer!

Oh, wha wid be in Scotland
E'en whan summer's here?
Wi' rain aye stoatin' aff the streets;
Wind whistlin' in yer ear.

It's cauld enou' tae chill yer bones
E'en tho' yer well wrapped-up
Wi coat an' scarf, an wellie boots,
An' somethin' warm tae sup.

But, since it is the Glesga Fair
Ye can't expect aught else
As ye go "Doon the Watter"
Tae buy some fresh-boiled whelks.

Aye, summer's fine in Scotland
If ye dinnae need the sun;
An ken' that, wi' yer bestest friens
Ye'll still hae lots o' fun!

Okay - so Robert Browning isn't spinning in his grave with envy, but I hope it brought a wee smile to someone's face!

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