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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Answers to Strangers!

Once again, a goodly number have accessed the post with the quiz.  Here are the correct answers (emboldened) with, in brackets, the common link between the other words in the group:

1.   Eagle, Scorpion, Sparrow, Quail, Raven. (birds)

2.   Olive, Fig, Frankincense, Pomegranate, Locust.  (trees)

3.   Romans, Syrians, Hebrews, Galatians, Ephesians.  (N.T. Letters)

4.   Athens, Jerusalem, Philippi, Neapolis, Corinth.  (Greek towns)

5.   Amos, Hosea, Isaac, Isaiah, Jeremiah. (O.T. prophets)

6.   Mark, John, Matthew, Paul, Luke.  (Gospel records)

7.   The Good Samaritan, The Widow's Mite, The Sower, The Dishonest Steward, The Prodigal Son.  (parables)

8.   Philistines, Midianites, Syrians, Babylonians, Nazarites, Edomites.  (Gentile races)

9.   Damascus, Jerusalem, Bethany, Bethlehem, Jericho.  (Judaean towns)

10. Benjamin, Joel, Simeon, Reuben, Dan.  (sons of Jacob/tribes of Israel)

11. Jordan, Sinai, Carmel, Horeb, Zion.  (mountains)

12. Promised Land, Canaan, Egypt, Holy Land, Israel.  (different names for the same land)

13. Finger, Centimetre, Span, Handbreadth, Cubit.  (Biblical measurements of length)

14. Barabbas, Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew, James.  (disciples of Jesus)

15. Titus, Daniel, Ruth, Samuel, Esther. (O.T. Books)

16. Saul, David, Jonathan, Solomon.   (kings)

17. Judges, Kings, Chronicles, Colossians, Proverbs.  (O.T. books)

18. Luke, Timothy, Silas, Stephen, Barnabas.   (companions of Paul)

That's all, folks - at least for now!  I hope that you did well.  :-)

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