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Friday, 9 May 2014

The EU - what we aren't told!

As the European elections draw ever closer, I was interested to come across the following five important facts about the EU which the mainstream media and press appear to have deliberately ignored.

1..........This week a damning report by Civitas (an independent 'think-tank') has proved what many of us have known all along: Britain’s membership of the EU does not enhance our volume of trade with EU countries. In fact the proportion of trade Britain conducts with the EU has fallen since we joined the Common Market in 1973! So much for ‘insider advantages’. They have been proven to be imaginary.

2.........The EU has chosen to celebrate its own existence with pomp. It is spending €2 million (app. £1.66 billion!) of taxpayers' money to ensure Europe Day (today) is celebrated around the world in countries like Venezuela, Mozambique and Swaziland - obviously integral parts of Europe!!!!

3..........Last night on the BBC's Question Time, the panellists tried to shout down Nigel Farage as he pointed out that neither our politicians nor the shareholders of AstraZeneca (a UK-based pharmaceutical drug company) have any ability to block Pfizer’s (a similar company in the USA) recent take-over bid. After Farage was mocked by the Shadow Business Secretary Chukka Umunna, Reuters confirmed the truth. The European Commission has the final say and will probably block any attempt by the Government to intervene in the merger.  Of course,  the Hansard entry from the Commons statement (on the proposed merger) this week is clear.  John Redwood (Con. Euro-sceptic)) put it to Vincent Cable (Lib. Dumb Business Secretary), in 'Parliamentary speak', that “this is a concentration that falls to be determined by Brussels regulation”.  Cable acknowledged that “the main position is exactly as he described it”. The establishment is caught out deceiving the public again.

4..........We’ve seen the European Court of Justice recently ignore the British Government’s appeal against the ‘Tobin’ Tax which, as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson pointed out, will stamp on growth and drive business away from Britain. This demonstrates just how weak Britain’s influence is in Europe and will remain so as long as we are members of the EU.

5...........Earlier this week Herman “damp rag” van Rompuy said openly he doesn't know if the European public support EU expansion, but ‘we do it anyway’. He clearly considers democracy an obstacle to overcome, as he pursues his own personal agenda to reshape a federalist Europe.  I am reminded of some of the 'consultations' of recent years - not least with reference to the redefinition of marriage at both Westminster and Holyrood levels.  The 'powers that be' went ahead with their proposals regardless of the overwhelming opposition to them at grass roots level.

Of course, all of the above also has a bearing on another important voting occasion, later in the year.  On Sept.18th, Scotland will vote in a referendum.  There are many issues to be considered, but one of the major ones is, surely, the future of Scotland vis-à-vis the EU.  As far as I can see, if the 'Yes' vote wins, then it will certainly be the aim of the SNP to be an integral part of the EU - although I consider "Independence in Europe" to be one of the greatest oxymorons of recorded history!  Does any right-minded person truly want to be a part of the most discredited, disingenuous, disastrous, political entity of the past fifty years?  If not, then a vote for the 'No' camp in the referendum will at least allow for the possibility of a departure from it as part of a continuing United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I doubt that there will be a Ukip candidate in my part of the world in the Euro election - but if there was, I suspect that (s)he would be getting my vote (A Scottish Christian Party candidate would also be a distinct possibility as, to the best of my knowledge, that Party is also opposed to the EU).

By the way, lest anyone construe my opposition to the European Union as anti-Europe, I would point out that I am posting this in France, and have just responded to a message from a very dear Dutch friend!  :-)

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