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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Marriage - and children.

One of the "red herrings" that has been regularly thrown up by those who support the redefinition of marriage to include same-gender partnerships is that of children.  Supporters of traditional, God-ordained, marriage point out that same-gender partners are physically, and biologically, unable to bear children.  To this, irrefutable fact, the supporters of same-gender "marriage" come out with something about heterosexual couples who are unable, or unwilling, to have children.  One recent letter even asked if fertility tests should be mandatory! 

What these people fail to realise is that the procreation of children is only one aspect of marriage - albeit a very important one.  Without it, the human race would die out!  Indeed, if God had created Adam and Steve (or Amanda and Eve), then that would have been the end!  There was, and is, a very good reason for marriage being confined to a male/female relationship!

It is also true, in spite of claims to the contrary, that any worthwhile research on the subject has shown that the children of heterosexual parents, who stay together, and who provide both a male and a female role model, have a better life.  In one study, University of Texas associate professor Mark Regnerus used a large, new data set to randomly identify some 3,000 young adults, ages 18 to 39, who grew up in eight family forms, including about 250 persons who grew up with parents who had same-sex relationships. Prof. Regnerus reported that, based on 40 outcomes in the New Family Structures Study, the children who grew up with their married father and mother had “different” - often better - outcomes than children raised in other family forms, including lesbian mothers and homosexual fathers. Thus, he concluded, the “empirical claim” that there are no significant differences between homosexual parents and heterosexual parents “must go”.

Dr Sharon James looks at the situation regarding children, in this latest Marriage Minutes video.  It's worth another minute and a half (or thereabouts!).

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