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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

One doesn't have to be religious!

Cameron's Gay Marriage policy: we've been lied to!
I want to continue connecting the dots today, seeing as I feel like I'm on a roll in exposing the Truth. This article, and the supporting material in our Video Library, bring together the legislation behind the non-manifesto policy suddenly introduced into Parliament by our Honest and Honourable leader, Le Bon Premier Dave Cameronie.

Preaching the verse about equal rights, and presenting the Coalition policy on same-sex marriage, Mr Cameron implemented an EU Commission Directive, not in the election Manifesto, and sold it to the UK Public as a national policy.

It was not! Here is the link to the full article that Andrew (Fear) investigated, with links back to the original EU program which mandates this policy as a Federal EU Law.

As supporting evidence to demonstrate that Mr Cameron's policy on Gay Marriage is not Mr Cameron's at all, but is the work of Mr Van Rompuy and Mr Barroso, and scribed by the hands of the Orcs of Mordor (a reference to elf-like creatures who could not stand the light of the sun, in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings) in the EU Commission, we have here a video of recent massive street protests in Paris, as the French Government implemented the exact same EU Law, and Gay Marriage which enraged many many French Citizens."

So we may say, with apologies to ET, that "we are not alone"!

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