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Monday, 18 March 2013

Iraq + 10

It was, as this evening's news programme reminded me, ten years ago that coalition forces invaded the sovereign country of Iraq - ostensibly to oust the dictator, Saddam Hussein; more likely, to gain control of the substantial oil reserves that lie beneath that country!

However, the news programme showed some of the aftermath of the invasion (it was never really a 'war', as no such declaration was made by either side).  We watched a soldier who, even now, flinches at the sound of a loud bang - and who has lost wife, home, family, and work, as a result of his post-traumatic stress that included seeing two of his fellow-soldiers die beside him.  Another, who was paralysed from the waist down when he was shot in the back, is now able to walk - but with pain - and is happily married.  Reasonably normal, one might think - except that he confided that, every time he sees his own reflection, he is reminded of the two comrades who died  saving his life!

As I watched, and sympathised (I am not in a position, thankfully, to fully empathise!) I couldn't help thinking that this was all the result of former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, with his dossier on Weapons of Mass Destruction, and his ten (or was it fifteen?) minute warning.  Of course, to this day, I am unaware of any weapons of mass destruction ever having been uncovered, and the ten/fifteen minute warning was as much a figment of the imagination as the WsMD.  The dossier was, later, shown to have been based on knowingly faulty intelligence - but it suited Mr Bliar (not a typo!) to accept it.

And what of the aforementioned former politician?  Oh well, far from suffering from any stress or injury, he swans around, a multi-millionaire, still being féted by others of his own ilk.  It's an unfair world - but I am happy that, one day (and it may be very soon) there will be a truly new world order when Jesus the Christ takes His own to meet with Him "in the air" (I Thess.4:17) and, seven years later, return as Judge (Jude 15). 

As the song-writer put it: "What a day, glorious day, that will be"!

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