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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What a gap!

So, here I am!  It's Nov. 21st, and this is my first post since Nov.5th!  That is, by far, the longest gap between posts in the almost five years since I set up this blog.

The difficulties started with PC problems.   My laptop died - or, at least, there was nothing showing on the screen.  The estimate for a repair was so close to the cost of a new machine, that I decided to replace.  A visit to PC World had me coming home with a brand-new laptop.  Unfortunately, when I attempted to load my Office 2007 software, it was not accepted.  I planned to return to PC World, with my Office disk, and ask them to install it for me.  However, before I could do so, I had my first-ever bout of real influenza (not "man-flu".  I've had that many times!!).  I was in bed for almost a week, and had to force myself out, last Tuesday, because I was due to travel to France on the following day, and had accommodation and ferries all booked.  After exhaustive tests, it was decided that I had been given a faulty PC, and I returned home with a(nother) new one.

The rest of that day was spent in loading the car with all of the items I was to take to France (to the static), so the new laptop didn't even get out of its box!   The following morning - and beginning to feel a lot more like my usual self - I headed south to my overnight stop near to Dartford.  The next day, I drove to Dover, and embarked the ferry that took me to Calais.  From there, I drove to near Rheims, for my second overnight.

Everything was going according to plan, as I headed south to Bayas, on Friday.  Then, less than 10 miles from my destination (and having travelled some 1100 miles from home), I somehow managed to drive the car off the road, and into a gulley that is about 14' deep!   Not, I have to admit, the most exciting experience of my life!  Thankfully, I did not have as much as a scratch, and although the angle at which the car had come to a stop meant that I was unable to open the door, I did manage to wind down the window and crawl out (those hours in the gym were really paying off!!).

To cut a long story short, I managed to find help, and arrange for a breakdown truck to attend the scene - only to discover that two trucks would be required to ensure that the car didn't topple over completely as it was being hauled out!  From the garage, I was able to contact the Camp-Site owner, who kindly came to pick me up - along with what I thought would be the necessities!   Of course, I forgot the bedding, and had a couple of uncomfortable nights with packing protecting the pillow and duvet!

It was Monday before we were able to return to the garage, and make contact with my Insurance Company.  Then I had to contact another company, who represent my Insurers, to arrange a rental car for the duration.  That is going to be fun - at least on this side of the Channel - as I have never before driven a left-hand-drive vehicle!  However, I am awaiting a 'phone-call as I type, and my own car is to be repatriated and taken to a dealer in Cumbernauld for repair.

So, what does one learn from all of this?   I guess that the first thing is, in the words of the Scottish Bard, that "the best-laid plans o' meece an' men gang aft aglay."  The second, and more important, thing is that although my plans may often be upset, God is still in control.  His plans are sure and I can say, as the hymn-writer put it: "My times are in Thy hands; my God, I wish them there.  My life, my friends, my soul, I leave entirely to Thy care." 

That's the place of real peace.  I commend it to all who read this post.

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