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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


When I attended my Grammar School (a long time ago!) my best subject was mathematics and, while I did not take the subject to University level, I have always had an interest in numbers!  So, when I had been blogging for a few months, I learned how to add a counter to my blog and, the number of 'hits' is now very close to 20,000.  Okay, compared to some, that is not a great number over the time I've had the blog.  However, as my younger daughter points out, I'm not a famous person (although some might suggest that I am 'infamous'!).

Numbers are important in many spheres.  Politicians are always interested in numbers.  One only needs to think of the plethora of polls that are issued in the lead-up to an election, and the way in which politicians who haven't been seen since the previous election are suddenly being as nice as possible to everyone in order to boost the number of people who will vote for them.

It is to be hoped that numbers will play an important part in the deliberations of the governments in both Holyrood and Westminster, when they come to decide what they are going to do about the vexed question of the redefinition of 'marriage' - which is, of course, much more than a word in the dictionary!  The results of the consultations; as well as the numbers who have petitioned the respective parliaments; ought to leave no doubt as to the direction in which the politicians decide.  The reports that have leaked out would suggest that the Scottish consultation was 2:1 in favour of retaining the traditional meaning, and concept, of marriage.  There were some 77,000 responses - totally overshadowing the response to the Scottish government's consultation on an independence referendum!

In Westminster, the petition in support of traditional, Biblical, marriage has reached some 600,000 signatures - and the full million is not out of the question!

Numbers.  Let those of us who are concerned for the status of marriage keep praying that the politicians, even if just out of nothing more than pragmatism, will take note of them - and support the status quo!

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