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Friday, 14 October 2011

Statistics of death!

It was the 19th century British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, who made the claim that: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics!"  One wonders how he would have survived in the 21st century with its plethora of polls and their resulting statistics.

However, some statistics are unarguable.  At the end of this month (27th) there is the National Day of Prayer about Abortion, and some of the statistics that have been acquired certainly emphasise the need for such a day!

Did you know, for example, that in 2010, in the United Kingdom, more than 200,000 babies died by abortion?  That equates to approximately 17,000 each month; 4,000 every week; 600 on a daily basis!  When I think of the pregnant woman I met, last week, who managed to become pregnant after 13 years of trying, who described her husband as being "like a dog with two tails", and who referred to her unborn child as "a miracle" (and she made no profession of religious belief), I wonder what is wrong with those who use such extreme surgery as a substitute for either contraception, or abstinence!

And that, according to the statistics, is exactly what it is.  Some 98% of those abortions were for "social reasons" (i.e. this child would interrupt my social life!).  The figures show that 26% of those abortions (aka murders) were performed on women who had already had one, or more, abortions.  It seems that some folk never learn - or just don't care!  Of that 26%, no less than 85 of the women had had seven, or more, abortions!!

These, in my opinion, are horrifying figures.  Of course there may be an occasion when the difficult decision must be made as to whether the life of the child, or the life of the mother, is saved.  Thankfully, that is a very rare situation.  In other cases, the pro-abortionist will accuse someone like me of not caring for the victims of rape.  What they fail to mention is that conception due to rape is also a very rare occurrence.  However, even in such a case, the murder of the unborn child does nothing to help the victim of the rape; and may even make the situation worse because of the psychological trauma that so often follows an abortion.  It is also, it seems to me, a strange kind of logic that decides that the best way for a crime to be dealt with is to commit another!

In addition, we will never know the potential of those aborted children.  How many of them would have grown to become doctors, nurses, ministers, teachers?  Would one of them have become, if given the chance to live, a researcher who would have discovered a cure for one of the diseases that plague humanity today?  The ready and easy access to abortion has ensured that we will never find out!

There are those who claim that abortion is just like a woman having her appendix removed.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Advances in medical science have shown that, from very early in the pregnancy, the unborn child is sentient - i.e. it feels pain.  If you can access the film "The Silent Scream", you will be convinced of that!  And, whether the pro-abortionists wish to admit it, or not, the unborn child, while dependent upon its mother, is a separate human being who happens to be at an early stage of its development.

I trust that many will use the National Day of Prayer to pray for, among other things, wisdom and guidance for pro-life groups who work for political change, and who seek to educate the population as to the real truth about abortion.


cyber_mark said...

You have to watch this. A young woman who survived her attempted murder in her mother'd womb, ie abortion:

cyber_mark said...

This compares Hitler's holocost during World War 2, with the genocide of abortion:

C.Brian Ross said...

Thank you, cyber_mark, for those links. Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to viewing them.