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Saturday, 1 October 2011

The law - is it only for breaking?

A number of years ago, I decided to stop shopping in Tesco because they had started to sell the "morning-after" pill - not a contraceptive; more of a DIY abortion - without prescription, and without any concern as to the age of the customer!  This meant that any girl, even if under the legal age for indulging in penetrative sexual intercourse, could ensure that no pregnancy would occur; and that neither a doctor, nor a parent, need know anything about her behaviour.  Now, of course I know that a male had to be involved, but it is always the female who is left, quite literally, "holding the baby"!

What I interpreted, then, as a lack of moral concern and a flaunting of the law (regarding under-age intercourse), has been shown once again, to be part and parcel of this company's basic policy.  The new legislation outlawing the sale of cheap alcohol in Scotland - and designed to combat the scourge of Scotland: alcohol abuse (aka binge drinking) - comes into force today.  However, it has been widely reported that Tesco is in the vanguard of companies working to circumvent the law in this situation.  They have, reportedly, targeted Scots with the information that cut-price deals may still be obtained by shopping online at the company's wine store.  Doing this will mean that the alcohol has to be transported across the Scots/English border - and this, apparently, means that it is exempt from the new Scottish law!   However, it may also be said to be an action that is totally contrary to the spirit (no pun intended!) of the law.

I am no supporter of the Liberal Democrats - either north or south of the border - but I agree totally with Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie who said: "Tesco is acting like modern day smugglers. ... If they were an ethical company with a social conscious, they would not be behaving in this irresponsible manner." (The Herald newspaper).

Such an attitude certainly won't encourage me to return to the Tesco fold.  I can only hope that others will join with me in my Tesco boycott!

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