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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Thank you!

I've just checked and, with only 14 votes (at time of typing!) I have reached the Top 18 list for my blog/interview! A big "Thank you" to all who have taken the trouble to go to

and support me!

However, it's early in the month and, already, there are those with far more votes. I suspect that they have got lots of folk who, having bookmarked the voting site, keep returning every 24 hours or so! Even 3/4 votes per week, from each of 30 people would give me between 450 and 500 votes over a period of a month (the counter is reset to Zero at the beginning of each month!). That might not be enough to get me to the No.1 position, but should keep me in the Top 5!

If you think that it would be good to have a specifically, and unashamedly, Christian blog receiving that kind of recognition - and having the number of hits increased, as a result - then please become one of those 30 people who will vote for me 3/4 times per week.

Thank you! :-)


Rick said...

Hello fellow Christian blogger. Good luck on the vote count. I won last month's and have yet to receive my chosen prize. But, I guess it was the joy of the contest that ended up being the most interesting. Have fun and God bless.

Sarah said...

Bonjour Brian

Victoire de la vie chrétienne...

"Je suis persuadé que celui qui a commencé en vous cette bonne oeuvre la rendra parfaite pour le jour de Jésus Christ."
Philippiens 1 v 6

Prenez à coeur toutes les paroles !

Poème Victoire

Véritable Ami, jamais Jésus, Tu ne trahis

Immense soif et faim de Toi, motives ma foi

C'est avec bienveillance que Tu prends nos soucis

Toujours fidèle, je peux toujours compter sur Toi

Ô Toi Jésus, brillante et lumineuse Etoile du matin

Impossible de T'égaler, tant Ton coeur est bonté

Rêvant d'un monde meilleur entre Tes mains

Eclairant encore nos vies par Ta générosité !

Que Dieu vous bénisse richement. Shalom !

Sarah "Poésie, Un avenir fait d'Espérance"

Sarah said...

Thank you!
Merci Seigneur Jésus, pour tous Tes bienfaits, merci de T'occuper de l'impossible !
Soyez béni en Jésus !