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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The campaigning is over!

Well, as I start to type, there are only eight minutes left for the U.K. electorate to record their votes. The early evening news seemed to indicate that the turnout has been higher than in recent years but, understandably, we will not know for certain until all (or at least a fair percentage) of the counting has been done.

My personal problem was that the party with whose policies I was most in agreement did not have a candidate standing for election in my constituency. This, too, is understandable, as it is what is referred to as a "safe" seat (for the Labour Party). The one candidate for whom I might have voted as, for example, an Independent, was standing for a Party, most of whose policies I abhor.

However, I am all too aware that in many countries I would not even have the opportunity to vote; or that it would be a one-party election; so I am grateful for the element of democracy that assures me enfranchisement - although I do hope that there will be a change to proportional representation as soon as possible!

It has been my fervent hope, and prayer, that this General Election will see a vast army of men and women of faith and integrity returned to Westminster. Alan Storkey has written an interesting book entitled Jesus and Politics (a combination from which many would recoil!). In it, he states that "In order to be liked or supported, many politicians have traded their principles for acceptance by public, party, or peers." (pps 149-150). He goes on to state that "Amazingly, Jesus turns away, on principle, from every popular move." (p.150) "This is not a Man Who sets out to win friends and influence people. He does not need to be liked" ... "Jesus insists, 'Always integrity; never popularity'." (p.151)

By this time tomorrow, all will have been settled. God grant that integrity will have won the day, and that men and women, of whatever political hue, will work together to redirect this nation to walk in the paths of righteousness - for His Name's sake.

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