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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Pope, and the Equality Bill

Someone has said that there are none so intolerant as those who would seek tolerance for themselves!

As one who would class himself as conservative evangelical in his theology, and who is firmly wedded to the Reformed Christian faith, I congratulate the Pontiff of the Church of Rome for his comments on further restrictions of the rights of Christians in the U.K., through the terms of the Equality Bill. The supporters of the current government's attempts to provide increasing 'rights' for certain minority groups within our society, e.g. homosexuals and lesbians, seem to forget that the majority also have their 'rights' in civil law. I fail, utterly, to understand why any group of people should be forced to accept into their number, anyone who does not share their core beliefs and values. Would Stonewall wish to have me, with my totally heterosexual lifestyle; my personal disgust at the unproductive and perverse activities of homosexuals; and my strong Christian beliefs; as an employee? Would they trust me not to seek every opportunity to propagate my (to them) unacceptable views and practices? Somehow, I suspect that the reality would be resoundingly negative! Yet, if the Bill had progressed as Harriet Harman wished, churches and other Christian organisations would have been compelled to employ those who not only disagree with, but also actively oppose, their particular beliefs.

By all means, let us have equality where it is reasonable and sensible. But I am so grateful to those members of the House of Lords who, through common-sense and integrity, ensured that the minority cannot force the majority to accept their beliefs and practices. And, from a dyed-in-the-wool protestant, thanks to the Pope for speaking out on my behalf.


Philip Gilbert said...

Do you have any disgust at the perverse paedophile activity of catherlic priests?

Brian Ross said...

Absolutely! As far as I am concerned, they bring shame on the church that they claim to serve, and on the Christ Who is the true Head of the Church. However, the news item to which I was referring has nothing to do with that equally perverse behaviour of a small minority of priests in the Church of Rome, nor of the veil that was apparently thrown around them by some members of the hierarchy of that denomination. By the way, strictly speaking, I am a 'catholic' - as that word simply means 'universal'. That is why I never use it as an exclusive term for the Church of Rome!