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Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Offering

A long time ago (relatively speaking!) I published a post on the difference - in Christian terms - between an offering and a collection! It's still in the archives, but you would have to go back a bit if you wanted to read it (well worth the effort, wrote he, modestly!).

In the clearing-up that brought to light a folder that I had 'mislaid', is this 'offering in verse'. It's one that I had dated, so I know that it goes back to June, 1982. The copy I found is subscribed "Disciple", so I suspect that it may have been published in a church magazine!

The Offering

A widow came into the Temple, one day;
Two mites she did put in the plate.
A paltry wee sum - just a farthing, we're told -
As, quickly, she passed through the gate.

There were others, that day, put their offerings in;
Silver coins, even golden ones too.
How slowly, and grandly, they dropped their coins in;
Making sure it was all in plain view!

But a Man Who was standing outside on the street
Watched with interest - and insight as well.
For He was concerned, not with what they put in,
But with what was kept back for themselves!

For He was the Lord, the Messiah Himself,
And the widow's mite made Him so glad;
For He knew that the sum, be it ever so small,
Was the giving of all that she had.

He stands, even now, watching you, watching me,
Bring the gifts symbolising our love.
Do we make His heart glad; or do we make Him sad
As He gazes on us from above?

And His wish, you must know, is for more than our cash:
It's our lives that He wants most of all.
So don't fob the Lord off with a spare coin, or note;
But before Him, in gratitude, fall.

Then your offering will be, as the Scriptures exhort,
Your whole life, as a sacrifice given.
And the Saviour, Himself, on that glorious Day,
Will receive you, with joy, in His heaven.

If you aren't familiar with it, you'll find the original in Mark 12:41-44

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