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Sunday, 11 October 2009

What a difference a letter can make!

It was, you may remember, during the Labour Party Conference – in fact, carefully timed (it seemed ) to take any shine off Mr Brown’s closing speech – that a particular British tabloid declared that it was changing its allegiance from the Labour Party to the Conservatives! Other media were quick to broadcast the news, and to remind readers/viewers/listeners of the headline when the aforementioned tabloid claimed to have been instrumental in ensuring a Conservative victory in 1992 – “It’s the Sun wot won it”! (No comment on the abuse of the English language!)

As I sat at the Communion service at Liberty Community Church this morning, I thought of that headline. All of the pundits seem to be insisting that newspapers do not have the influence on the voting public that they like to think they have. So, whether or not the Sun was instrumental in deciding the outcome of any election is a moot point. And, even if it was, it is a transitory (no ‘pun’ intended!!) situation, the effects of which quickly fade away.

However, in front of me, on the table, were the Communion elements – the bread that speaks of the Body of the Lord Jesus, and the cup that symbolises His blood. Together, they are a constant reminder of His great sacrifice at Calvary when, perfectly sinless, He paid the penalty for my sin. The victory on that day – confirmed when He rose from the dead – has an eternal effect upon all of those who, unreservedly, place their trust in Him, and in Him alone, for salvation. When it comes to that most important event - more important than any election, in any country - we may proclaim, with great joy and thanksgiving – “It’s the Son wot won it”.

Joyce and I head off tomorrow morning to spend a day or so with friends in England, en route for a few days with a GLO missionary couple in Italy, so I may not be able to add any new posts for the next ten days. However, if you haven’t yet done so, may I encourage you to listen to some of the audio messages that you will find at and, if you are fairly new to this blog, to browse over some of the earlier posts. Not all of them are tied to a particular event/situation!

Until the second half of next week!!

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