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Sunday, 29 June 2008


Addiction is a terrible thing, and I have dealt, over the years, with folk who were addicted to a number of drugs – both the “socially acceptable” and so-called “harder” drugs. I have seen lives that have been ruined because of an addiction to one substance or another.

Addicts, of course, are totally consumed with their “habit”. It is the main focus of their lives; they will go to all sorts of lengths to acquire their next “fix”; they are unable to function to any degree without that ingestion of their chosen (?) substance.

However, reading a book yesterday, I came across a different reference to addiction. The author (a converted Hindu) wrote of the “glorious addiction” to God! And that, I suggest is a good addiction. What a wonderfully positive difference that would make to our lives! As we were thinking at the Communion Service in Liberty Community Church, this morning, we would be focussed on Jesus – letting Him fill our minds, and take captive every thought (see II Cor.10:5). We would be willing to pay any price to spend time with Him; go to any lengths to make time to read His Word, to pray, to have fellowship with other believers. And, of course, we would willingly recognise that, without Him, we are nothing; that all that we might claim to be is the result of His grace – His undeserved, unable to be bought, or earned, favour.

God grant that all who visit this blog will be addicted to Him. It’s an addiction that’s worth having!

By the way, Joyce and I go off on holiday tomorrow, so I won’t be able to add any posts for the next six weeks (I know – it’s tough, but somebody’s got to do it!!). Please don’t forget me while I’m away. I would encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to listen to the various audio messages – you’ll find them as you scroll down! I hope to add some fresh material as soon as I return – about Aug 12th.

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We miss you!